Strategy is the core of your business plan


Business Plan

Writing a business plan is your next and most important step, this is how you and others will evaluate your business. When seeking financing the investors or lenders will want to read your plan before they supply you with funding. If you're financing the business yourself, you will still Strategy is the core of your business plan want to have a written plan to develop business strategies and financial projections. A key element within the business plan is the marketing plan, which explains marketing strategies that will be used to advertise and promote the products or services. The goal setting steps of the plan will help Strategy is the core of your business plan you to analyze the success of the business in future years and clearly illustrate the capital needed to operate the company to break-even.


We prepare a workable business plan to

 Determine where the company needs to go

 Forewarn of possible roadblocks along the way

 Formulate responses to Strategy is the core of your business plan contingencies

 Keep the business on track to reach its planned goals

Getting Started

The hardest part of creating a business plan is getting the energy together to get started. At first it seems like a daunting task. But once you get going you'll find that writing the plan is Strategy is the core of your business plan not as tough as it seems. Start with some of the easy steps first. Describe your business and your product or services. Talk about the market you are targeting. And explain what stage of development your company is in. If you get hung up on a particular part Strategy is the core of your business plan of the plan--skip it for now--and come back and fill it in later.


Companies that lack a definite direction and the ability to stay on course eventually sink. It's the firms with vision and a plan to exploit that vision that become the stars. If Strategy is the core of your business plan you don't set goals and then try to reach them, it's guaranteed that your firm will stay right where it is today. With changing technology, changing customer demands, and increasing sophistication, marching in place is business suicide. During the 1990s and as we approach the next century Strategy is the core of your business plan, no company has the luxury of conducting business as usual. If you stay where you are today, the rest of us will leave you in the dust.

Company Goals

These are the targets for change and transition that your firm must reach over the next twelve months. Company goals cover such major Strategy is the core of your business plan issues as

 Products offered • Product description. New business strategies are often closely tied to a particular product or service. If this is your situation, include a clear and substantive description of your principal product or service. Follow this with a focused discussion of what will make your product or service Strategy is the core of your business plan stand out from any similar offerings in the marketplace. Фокус, in depth, on just a few of the most competitive attributes of your product or service.

 Customers targeted. Throughout the writing of your business plan you want to keep in mind your intended audience and why you are Strategy is the core of your business plan writing the plan. At the same time you need to be especially careful to adequately disclose the risks and uncertainties in your business, because investors often look for someone to blame if their investment disappears.

 Company image

 Competition. In today's crowded marketplace, you're probably going to have serious competition Strategy is the core of your business plan no matter how creative your business concept is. That is why you need to think competitively throughout your business plan. You need to realistically identify where you will do things in similar manner as your competitors, where you will do things differently, where you have real strengths and where Strategy is the core of your business plan you have real weaknesses. A lot of business plans sound good on paper, but don't work in the real world marketplace. It's difficult to attract people to a new product or service. Just because it's better doesn't mean people are going to switch to it Strategy is the core of your business plan! People or companies have established buying patterns and are currently doing business with someone else. To get them to do business with you, you need to do more than to attract them to your business. You've got to steal them away from someone else's business. It's also Strategy is the core of your business plan quite possible that when you enter the marketplace, that your competitors may react with their own new products or services or by cutting their prices. And it's easy to underestimate costs--especially for a start-up. Include an overview of those firms and their products and/or Strategy is the core of your business plan services that you will be in direct competition with. Identify the market leader and define what makes it successful. Emphasize those characteristics of the firm or offerings that are different than yours.

 Levels of service

 Product quality

Company's goals established in the business plan move the company into the position where Strategy is the core of your business plan it needs to be.

Strategy is the core of your business plan

Basically the first half of the business plan is geared towards helping develop and support and solid business strategy. You look at the market, the industry, customers and competitors. You look at customer needs and Strategy is the core of your business plan the benefits of current products and services. You evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each competing firm and look for opportunities in the marketplace. All of these steps are largely aimed at helping you create a strategy for your business. The second half of the business plan is largely to execute Strategy is the core of your business plan your selected business strategy. Your products and services, your marketing and your operations should all closely tie in with your strategy. So while it may be easy to select a smart-sounding strategy for your plan, I recommend you give a lot of thought to the strategy that will set Strategy is the core of your business plan the course for your business.

Market Expansion - This strategy looks to grow overall sales in one of two ways:

Market Share Growth - This strategy looks to increase the marketer's overall percentage or share of market. In many cases this can only be Strategy is the core of your business plan accomplished by taking sales away from competitors. Consequently, this strategy often relies on aggressive marketing tactics.

Niche Market - This strategy looks to obtain a commanding position within a certain segment of the overall market. Usually the niche market is much smaller in terms of total customers and sales volume than the Strategy is the core of your business plan overall market. Ideally this strategy looks to have the product viewed as being different from companies targeting the larger market.

Status Quo - This strategy looks to maintain the marketer's current position in the market, such as maintaining the same level of market share.

Market Exit - This strategy looks Strategy is the core of your business plan to remove the product from the organization's product mix. This can be accomplished by: 1) selling the product to another organization, or 2) eliminating the product.

Find Your Unique Strengths!

Here are a few possible strategy variables to consider:

Have A Bumper Sticker Strategy!

Don't Copy Your Competitor's Strategy!


McDonalds’ strategy

В 1999 году компания McDonald's лидировала на мировом рынке публичного питания за счет сильного брэнда и общего объема продаж Strategy is the core of your business plan в 35 миллиардов. долл. Из более чем 25 тыс. ресторанов McDonald's около 80% находились во франчайзинге у приблизительно 5000 хозяев в мире. За последние 10 лет объемы продаж компании увеличивались раз в год в среднем на 8%, а коэффициент окупаемости ее акций составил 20%.

Стратегия роста

· Разрабатывать еще не окутанные рынки, открывая раз в год Strategy is the core of your business plan 1750 ресторанов (в среднем по одному каждые 5 часов), отчасти собственных, отчасти — на критериях франчайзинга, при этом 90% этих новых ресторанов должны открыться за пределами США.

· Занять лидирующее положение на забугорных рынках.

· Наращивать посещаемость ресторанов компании, предлагая новые и дешевые фирменные блюда, увеличивая порции при сохранении прежней цены, организуя детские игровые площадки при ресторанах Strategy is the core of your business plan.

· Изучить способности глобальной инфраструктуры поставщиков компании, их опыт в управлении всеохватывающими заведениями общепита, выборе мест расположения ресторанов, рекламной деятельности.

Стратегия франчайзинга

· Выдавать лицензию на франчайзинг только деятельным, опытным бизнесменам с неплохой репутацией; специально готовить их к активному продвижению марки McDonald's на местах. (Договоры о франчайзинге не заключаются Strategy is the core of your business plan с корпорациями, партнерами и пассивными инвесторами.)